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My take on Google Buzz

I've read this - - and will be disabling my Buzz account in a couple of days. Even if we are not talking about privacy invasion, we're talking about blurring the border between work and the floodgates of distraction that I would prefer to leave on-demand (typing in my browser's address bar) rather than show up as UNREAD in my freaking e-mail inbox which I'm trying to bring to the state of "inbox zero".

But privacy is important, too. This thing should have become a better version of facebook for its ability to show expanded conversations on a single page. However, I see to little options to really manage who sees what. And to top that off, my account page now condescendingly says, "Your profile is not yet eligible to be featured in Google search results". They imply I should consider it a PRIVILEGE. This is an attitude which closely corresponds to this analysis -

This thing is going to either die off very quickly or turn into a trashcan worming with online lowlifes. It is totally incompatible with the life of people who actually use their e-mail and various other online tools for productivity and efficient communication.
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